Lesson Plans

In each stage you will learn a number of skills essential for safely driving a car and gaining a Pass in your Practical Driving Test.

Each lesson your Driving Instructor will assess your progress and record this on your Personal Page (coming soon).

Levels 1 and 2 focus on preparing yourself and the car for driving - adjusting the seat, steering wheel and mirrors, as well as carrying out pre-driving safety checks. We also look at how we make the car go when you want it to and stopping when you want to. We also discover how to make the car go at the speed we want, and the direction we want it to go.

Level 3 is about adding judgement to your control - how to stop, how big the vehicle is (how close you can get to obstacles and what sort of gaps you can safely drive through). We also learn about placing the car accurately on the road as you drive along straight roads and around corners. You will learn to judge your speed when taking corners and how much to turn the steering wheel to follow the path of the road. You will also learn how to judge when it is appropriate to change gear rather than being told by your instructor.

Level 4 has a focus on other road users. You will deal with a variety of road junctions - meeting traffic safely, crossing the path of other vehicles and dealing with obstructions in your way. At this stage you will be learning to think like a driver.

Level 5 goes back to control skills, but this time developing them to a much higher degree. The focus is on everyday manoeuvres such as turning the car around and parking it. You will also learn how to stop the vehicle as quickly as possible under full control - often called an "Emergency Stop".

In Level 6 you will further develop your judgement of speed and distance, and you will come to appreciate that you are in control of risk on the road. You will build on your observation and anticipation skills. At this level you will be responsible for safely planning the manoeuvres you intend to carry out.

When you are consistently driving at Level Six standard you will be ready to take your Practical Driving Test.

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